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Trip to Chile

Chile has a very diverse tourist offer which ranges from deserts and natural geysers to impressive volcanoes and icebergs. Chile has become very popular among young people, especially those backpackers travelling South America who find in Chile a nice place to have some cost-effective adventure and fun.
Most travelers looking for adventure find the south of Chile a perfect choice. From ski and snowboarding to rafting and trekking, everything can be found in the Patagonia region of Chile. Several lodges and hostels offer attractive opportunities to stay in the middle of the nature and enjoy activities such as horse riding, fishing, and kayaking, among others that will complement your adventure trip. The rapid rivers in Chile provide an ideal scenario to enjoy rafting courses that will challenge even those experts. Moreover, the high peaks of the Andean mountains are not only a challenge for hikers and trekkers but also an inspiration for those practicing sky-diving, ski and snowboard. 
Landscapes in Patagonia are some of the most beautiful in the world. The extremes of flora and fauna and extravagant vegetation make this protected areas a true unforgettable experience. There are many tours and activities which not necessarily include adventure at all such as hot water springs and spas. From simple to luxury hotels are located all throughout the country and provide natural hot water springs linked to spas and massages sessions that can remove any pain or stress from your body in a few hours. There are some rustic hotels that delight visitors with their charm and connectivity to nature. First class services are offered for making your relaxing spa and hot water springs holidays a completely non-stress experience.
Northern adventures are different from those in Patagonia. The Atacama desert has impressive landscapes with rocky formations and an inspiring salt desert. Those looking for adventure can check for the schedule of the Dakar rally which takes place in the Atacama desert almost every year.  In this isolated area hotels are simple but the prices tend to be higher, especially for those looking for higher comfort.
Getting to the south of Chile, close to the “end of the world” there are many ice-related activities due to the proximity with Antarctica. You can take cruises and tours to appreciate the magnificence of nature into its maximum expression. Diverse marine life, isolated and untouched natural wonder such as massive icebergs will delight anyone on board. 
At our website you can find more information about any activity related to your trip in Chile, but make sure you don’t forget to drink the Chilean wines :)
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