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Day trips from Santiago de Chile

Join our day trips from Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is the capital of Chile, and also an important hub for different activities in Latin America. You may find yourself attending a conference, congress or business meeting in Santiago de Chile at some point, or you may just take a trip there for doing tourism in Chile, or enjoying time off during a connection of flights in Lan Airlines. After preparing your travel checklist for your trip to Santiago which will include accommodation, travel insurance and flight, probably a good add-on for a perfect trip could be tours or day trips to the surroundings of Santiago.
No matter which the reason is, if you find yourself in Santiago de Chile for a few days and would like to take a trip from Santiago to another place in Chile, here is some advice on what to visit, organized in a Top 3 according to the tourists’ favorites.
#1: Viña del Mar
The main beach resort in Chile, probably due to its proximity to the capital, is also a beautiful city with a nice beach in which you can enjoy beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, walk on the bayside and around the posh houses and buildings. Viña del Mar is a great place to take a break from Santiago de Chile.
#2: Valparaíso
Located next to Viña del Mar, and also just two hours by bus or car from Santiago de Chile, Valparaíso was originally a fisherman area, and now retains its character of a fishermen town turned into a city. Stay safe and do not lose yourself in the narrow streets up the hills, but take one of the many elevators to enjoy the views from above, take a motor-boat ride to see more of the harbor and take pictures of the street dogs, which are the city-plague found everywhere.
#3: Cajón del Maipo
Located southeast in the Santiago Metropolitan Region, Cajón del Maipo is a canyon in the upper Maipo river, with beautiful countryside and mountain views, as well as several resorts offering horseback riding, tours, and a lot of adventure tourism in this area of Chile. Do not miss the chance to experience a bit of the Chilean countryside without getting far away from the city.

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