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Chile travel tips

In the western arm of South America it continues to flourish a modern emerging economy that attracts thousands of tourists every month: Chile.

The Andes mountain range, the southern/Antarctic trips, it's valleys and northern desert make Chile one of the most diverse travel destinations in the world. In this blog entry we will expand on the main tourist landmarks and places not to be missed in your trip to Chile. Bear in mind that distances in Chile are huge, so it is possible you won't be able to try all the options recommended, unless you check some domestic flights to shorten your travel schedules. Sightseeing tours in Chile are also a good option when thinking to optimize travel times.

Chilean destinations:

Chiloe: is the biggest island of Chile and also has a unique architecture with stilt houses over the water

Atacama desert: Considered the driest desert in the world, with some parallelism to Mars, this desert is home of space observatories and astonishing landscapes of sand mountains and rock caves. Luxury hotels offer first rate accommodation for a special holiday.

Easter island: a mystic island home of popular ancient statues Moai built by the Rapanui local inhabitants.

Santiago: the capital of the country and a modern metropolis that inspires tourists with its cleanness and advanced infrastructure.

Patagonia: lakes, thermal resorts, natural wildlife, rapid rivers and volcanoes are some the main features of a region unique on earth.  

Torres del Paine National Park: area of impressive mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and exotic flora and famine all gathered in one place.

Viña del Mar and Valparaiso: popular beach resorts with charming architecture and first rate services for a perfect holiday.

In your trip to Chile, try the local alcoholic drink pisco (pisco coke) and the internationally renowned wines. A visit to the vineyard Concha y Toro is also recommended for a half day tour from Santiago. You can also try local cuisine, with the speciality in salmon and other fresh food typical from the region. 

Another trip experience in Chile includes Antarctica trips. These should be booked with plenty of time in advance due to the limited capacity of the operators and the weather conditions that allow the cruises to navigate safely. This kind of trip could be expensive but it worth the experience of being at the bottom of the world with nothing else but penguins, whales and icebergs in your surroundings. 

People in Chile are very open and friendly, adding on to a perfect plan. If you have the opportunity, don't think it twice, visit and enjoy Chile!
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