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Be mesmerized by the grandest Grand Canyon

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Grand Canyon doesn’t need an introduction. No wonder why millions of tourists flock to Arizona just to see its mesmerizing scenery backdrops. Some love it not just for its scenery though but for the exhilarating fun its hiking trails offers.
Let’s prepare your travel experience bit by bit this time so first prepare your ESTA visa to have the best adventure of your life. You’ll probably need a car because it is the best way to add more pleasure into your travel, seeing the fantastic roads that lead to Grand Canyon. You’ll be doing plenty of driving anyway and the gorgeous backdrop of scenery will make you want to stop most of the time just to take some selfie. Unlike some crowded city destinations, the Grand Canyon is perfect because you can breathe the freshest of air.
My biased fascination with the Grand Canyon is its geology which I believe has no match anywhere in the world. It’s like looking at a prehistoric earth. Scientifically speaking, the Grand Canyon sports magnificent rock formations that has survived early earth’s fiery moments. The result nowadays, is what mesmerizes all its visitors, fascinating landscapes and unparalleled vistas on the planet’s surface. If you like looking at your marvelous wallpaper for its stunning imagery, you’ll be surprised how it feels looking at the real thing as you breeze past real life desert paintings and amazing pine and fir forests complete with jaw dropping streams and waterfalls.
So much for my fascination, the Grand Canyon is fortunately a year round travel destination. That’s why millions flock to the place in the first place. There are practically two sides of the Grand Canyon and you are likely to visit the most popular side which is known as the South Rim. The North Rim is harder to access making it less crowded but if you want real adventure it is still better compared with the sometimes overcrowded South Rim.
If you are lucky enough, you get to see and feel the creeps when you see the rare California Condor flying near the Grand Canyon Village. You know what the stories say, but anyway it’s a fantastic scenery.
Now, let’s proceed with the activities. The most popular activity is of course, hiking. Perhaps, it’s what you visit for. Hiking in the Grand Canyon is absolutely breathtaking. The trails can range from short treks to longer treks and imagine gorgeous scenery as the backdrop, if you love nature so much, chances are that you are going to stay for weeks tracking the difficult and lengthy trails. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, some of the unmaintained trails will probably catch your eye. Mind you, those trails are freaking dangerous but not for seasoned hikers.
Another amazing activity is white water rafting. The Colorado River can be a majestic waterway yet challenging at the same time, so yes this is an adventure for the brave.
If you have children with you or if you travel with your elders, the best way to tour the entirety of the Grand Canyon is to see it from up above. There are many airplane and helicopter tours that can give you a bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon, an amazing travel not just for hiking but for a simple family fun activity too.
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