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Puerto Montt

Join the charm of the ecologic paradise, at the coastal city of Puerto Montt.

Puerto Montt nature
Puerto Montt
Puerto Montt water flows
Angelmo fish market

Tours Puerto Montt 

The coastal city of Puerto Montt is located to the south of Chile, at more than 1.000 km of Santiago. It is the principal connection with the southern Chile because of the importance of its port and international airport “The Tepual Air Base”.

It is considered the geographical beginning of the Chilean Patagonia, due to its location in front of the "Seno de Reloncaví", considered as the end of the central valley. It is one of the most populated cities in Chile with about 228.000 people, and its main economic sectors are the agriculture, livestock, tourism and fisheries (a major center for salmon fishing). The port serves as a strategic link between Chile Continental and Chile Islands.

In the mid-nineteenth century, began the process of colonization with the arrival of the first Germans who populated the area. In its early days the city of Puerto Montt was located next to the Seno de Reloncaví covered by a thick jungle called "Melipulli" (“four hills”). The construction of the railroad that connects Puerto Montt with Santiago, accelerated the development of the area, becoming a strategic port of arrival and national distribution.

Over the time, Puerto Montt has transformed into a major tourist center, receiving thousands of people every year who are attracted by the exotic beauty of its landscapes, its desert beaches like Pelluco Chinquihue, for its excellent fish and seafood cuisine, handicrafts and recent archaeological discoveries. The region has an oceanic climate, cool and humid, with an annual temperatures average between 11ºC and 14 ºC.

It is the nearest mainland city to the Chiloe’s islands, which are connected to the continent by ferry, barge and boats of different sizes. Puerto Montt is also the access to the islands and other regions of southern Chile, which ones there is no access by road.

You can enjoy intense crossings in private boats and barges to the south of Puerto Montt and the nearby islands. This trip crosses through stunning landscapes and inhospitable places, such as natural hot springs that erupt when there is low tide, allowing a bath in the natural pools at these untouched regions of the world.

Tourist attractions:

Southern Way

It is an unforgettable adventure to travel across the Longitudinal Panamericana, which starts in Alaska, goes through the American continent from north to south and ends its long way in the southern Chilean lands.

There are 1.000 kms of a wonderful experience through jungle, fjords, swamps, rivers, lakes, cliffs, valleys and forests that seem impenetrable. The first 13 kms of the road to the south of Chaiten are paved and requires three transshipment on barges.

The City
The main highlights are:

The Weapons Square: was created with the first layout of the streets in 1852 and was the first public square with a garden of Chile.

Diego Rivera's Art House: is well known as the "Art Palace" and it is the main cultural-artistic center of the city.

The Cathedral Church: was built entirely of Alerce wood and was inspired in the Athens Parthenon.


The cove of Angelmó has a unique beauty characteristic of the area. One of its main attractions is "The Market", where you can enjoy a vast range of delicious seafood. Some typical plates are the delicious curantos to pot or "pulmay", tasty urchins, sea soup, baked salmon with potato or tomato and lettuce salad.

The other main attraction is the "Crafts Fair". It is well known for its tissue to loom, larch trunks of wood, natural wool shirts, birds with wicker baskets, silver jewelry, leather saddles and hats, antiques, among others.

Another option is to visit the Isle of Tenglo, getting there through fisherman’s boats. If the luck accompanies the visitor, dolphins could be seen following the boats along the way. 

It will be our pleasure to assist you in planning your trip to Puerto Montt, and contracting the best services available at the most competitive prices in our market.

For more information about Puerto Montt, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail the information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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