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Chiloe's Big Island

Join the unique features of Chile's islands, discovering the special and isolated Chiloe's Big Island.

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Isla Negra 

This island is part of the Chiloe’s group of islands, a group of 5 small islands located at the southern Chile on the Pacific Ocean. It is located at 120 km southwest of Puerto Montt and 1.180 km far from Santiago de Chile.

The religious and cultural festivals are the island main activities. Other attractions can be the craft fairs, musical events and rural tourism, among others. It is an area of great maritime activity, agriculture and livestock. referring to its flora and fauna highlights, there can be seen both Magellanic and Humboldt penguins.

Some houses structures called “palafitos”(built on stilts into the water) and Churches declared World Heritage Sites, give identity to this town and make it a very interesting tourist destination. The island is recognized by the charm and friendliness of its people, who manage to produce featured crafts of fiber, wool and wood.

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The main cities and towns are:

Ancud: is the second largest city of the island. There is the Regional Museum of Ancud and the San Carlos de Ancud Cathedral, that was a beautiful building before the earthquake.

Castro: is the capital of Chiloé province since 1982. The “palafitos” houses, the Market and the Church of San Francisco (National Monument) characterize this area.

Achao: in Achao is located the “Achao Santa Maria”. It is the oldest wooden church of Chiloe, declared a World Heritage Site.

Chonchi: has 4.600 habitants and it is known as the "city of the three floors." You can enjoy the rides through its beautiful coastline and the Chiloé National Park.

Dalcahue: has 4.900 habitants and it is well known for its craft fair.

Queilén: is a beautiful port city with just over 1.500 people.

Quellón: it has more than 14.000 habitants and it is the third largest city of Chiloé.

Quemchi: ia a commune that focuses its production activities in agriculture and fishing.

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