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The Andes

Join the unique experience of knowing the diversity and landscapes of the huge mountains, at the top of The Andes mountain range.

The Andes satellite
The Andes mountains
Andes mountain range
Andes ski

Tours in Los Andes - Chile 

The Andes is one of the longest mountain range in the world. It has a length of 7.400 kms with a coastline over the Pacific Ocean, and crosses the territory of Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, and much of ChileCHECK OUT our Programs in Los Andes

This high mountain range, has an average height of 3.922 meters, reaching its peak at the Aconcagua’s mountain with 6.900 meters high. The vast plains and inland mountain valleys, give rise to a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. Both plant and animal species have developed formidable characteristics of adaptation to extreme temperatures and high land unfavorable conditions. Despite the bad influence of human pollution and indiscriminately illegal hunting, different species are protected in their natural habitats. Some of the species that can be seen could be marsupials, bats, rodents and carnivores such as the Andean mountain cat, puma, foxes, etc.

The Andes is an international tourist attraction because of its natural beauty and morphological distinction. Besides the natural attractions in terms of its mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, flora, fauna, glaciers etc, there are some historical and cultural attractions such as the Inca's ruins in the territories of Bolivia and Peru. Furthermore, this mountain range is ideal to practise winter sports such as mountaineering, trekking, skiing, snowboarding and rafting. Skiing and snowboarding are the sports that have more infrastructure with equipped first class resorts.

The huge snow-capped mountains, unique glaciers and impressive volcanoes (some active) in the Andes, impose awe and admiration. The weather is cold with frequent snowfalls in the crown heights. Atmospheric characteristics vary along the Andes because of its large size, covering different latitudes.

The classification of the various Andean zones, have been based on scientific studies on its origins in the Late Cretaceous era, with the confrontation of the "Nazca Plate" beneath the "South American Plate". Earthquakes, volcanic material and the ice age, led to the current morphological characteristics of the region, classifying it into three areas:

· Northern Andes: It is an area of great volcanic activity.
· Central Andes: The climate is warm-arid and desert landscape is predominant. The population is concentrated in the highlands and the coast.
· Southern Andes: This region presents almost all types of weather.
· Antartandes: The Andes continues beyond Tierra del Fuego, below the water with their beaks in the form of islands. Then again emerge in Antarctica.

For more information about The Andes, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail the information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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