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Punta Arenas

Join the extreme nature landscapes by the historic Magellan Strait, at the most southern city of the world, Punta Arenas.

Glaciers Punta Arenas
Punta Arenas marine life
Punta Arenas sunset
Glaciers Punta Arenas

Visitas a Punta Arenas 

Recognized as the most southern continental city in the world, Punta Arenas is a beautiful port city located on southern Chile. It is habited by more than 130.000 people, and it is the capital of the Magellan and Chilean Antarctic Region. Many Air Cruises to Antarctica are offered in Punta Arenas. Download the packages for Cruises to Antarctica.

Its location along the Magellan Strait, places this city as a historic-cultural attraction for being the main shipping port between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, before the creation of the Panama Canal in 1920. Nowadays it maintains a European architectural style, represented in its neo-classical buildings, and its broad tree-lined streets built by the large number of immigrants of the old trade era.

It is a cosmopolitan city, which bases its business in the port activity, trade in goods and services, tourism, livestock and fisheries. The weather is cold during the year, with few rains and snowfalls in winter. The average temperature is 10 °C in summer and 2 °C in winter.

The people of this charming Patagonic city, enjoys an excellent quality of life, being the country's second city with higher income per capita. Its geographical location is strategic for regional flights, and for sea trade with its port by the Magellan Strait. The establishment of a Free Trade Zone has strengthened these geographical privileges.

Punta Arenas landscapes are unique in the world. The extensive grasslands, forests, fjords, lakes and canals are some of the favorite venues, and provide ideal conditions for the practice of fishing sports, photo safari and ecotourism. Other volcanic landscapes with large areas of basaltic lava, are attractive to scientists around the world to find items of great archaeological value. Glaciers are other extreme natural attraction of the region.

It is an area with great biodiversity of flora and fauna. Some highlights are the amazing marine life, with the possibility to see spotting whales, penguins, sea lions, dolphins, among others. Moreover, there can be seen caranchos, ostriches, various species of birds and wild ducks.

As a major tourist destination, Punta Arenas has an advanced tourist infrastructure, besides of providing excellent food, commercial (supermarkets, malls, etc) and entertainment services.

Tourist attractions:

Muñoz Gamero Square: this weapons square, give tribute to H. Magellan in an elegant monument, and it is a typical city tour.

Memorial Museum: it was founded in 1969. In this museum you can see the carriages, machinery, tools and other items used between 1880 and 1950.

Sara Braun’s Palace: is a National Monument considered an architectural relic. Preserves the beauty French style of the 1890s.

Magellan Strait: is one of the few wilderness areas in the world. You can enjoy the magnificent spectacle that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, in an atmosphere of beautiful national parks and reserves, glaciers, and a great biodiversity of flora and fauna.

De la Cruz Hill: it offers a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.

Salesian Museum: it was created in 1893 by the Salesian missionaries. It presents samples of ethnology, mineralogy, history of oil, flora and fauna, and also exposes some missionaries works, indigenous crafts, fossils and petrified animals, tools, etc.

Regional Museum: The Historical Museum of Magellan, was opened in 1983 and retains its historical memories of the channel discovery.

Other tourist attractions:

· Chabunco Park
· Pali-Aike National Park
· Magdalena Island
· Military Museum
· Naval and Maritime Museum

It will be our pleasure to assist you in planning your trip to Punta Arenas, and contracting the best services available at the most competitive prices in our market.

For more information about Punta Arenas, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail the information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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