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Water Springs Chile

Join Chile's Water Springs & Spa in a most healthful and relaxing experience.

Hot Water Springs in Chile
Treatments with hot stones  - Chile
Termas Geométricas - Chile
Termas de Jahuel - Chile

The water springs come up from the earth underground layers that are at a higher temperature. Chile is a country with excellent conditions to take advantage of natural hot springs, due to its volcanic features that enable the rise of hot mineralized water through the geographic faults.

Thermal Therapy is proven against stress and many other ailments, these waters’ mineral composition guarantees relaxation and health benefits. Positive results from these treatments are beginning to change the way western medical professionals think about this alternative therapy.

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It is an activity to enjoy all the year round with family or friends. First-class hotels provide excellent services and ensure a comfortable stay. The different geographic areas in Chile create wonderful scenarios of natural springs, reaching its highest expression in the geysers which throw up jets of hot water and steam through a vent in the surface. You can enjoy these natural gifts in different environments such as mountains, valleys and coastal areas.

Some Water Springs and Thermal Spas highlights in Chile are:

Iquique: Termas de Mamiña

There are located at 135 km to the east of Iquique and trapped between the Andes mountains. Its height of 2.700 meters high above the valley Mamiña provide an extraordinary view. You can enjoy hot waters at 55 °C, in tubs and pools of thermal water. * Llama Irene Hotel - Los Cardenales Hotel

Antofagasta: Termas de Puritama

There are located at 33 km to the northeast of San Pedro de Atacama and 3.470m over the sea level. Its hypothermal sulfated waters at 33 °C are ideal for rheumatic diseases. It is a thermal area that was opened to the public a few years ago, keeping its natural mystique.

La Serena: Termas de Socos

There are artificial springs located at 50m over the sea level. Its waters are rich in bromine, iodine, magnesium and sodium. The temperatures rise up to 27 °C. * Termas Socos Hotel


The "Corazón" springs are located at 90 km far from Santiago and 900 meters over the sea level. Its natural hot waters come up from rocks at 20 °C, but reach elevated temperatures above 32 °C in pools and spas (with jacuzzis). * Termas del Corazón Hotel

The "Jahuel" springs are at 97 km far from Santiago and up to 1.200 m over the sea level. The climate is the typical Andean dry, and its waters have a temperature of 23 °C. You can enjoy natural hot spring baths in mud, steam and swimming pools. * Termas de Jahuel Hotel


"Paminavida" springs are located at 70 km to the south of Talca, and 175 m over the sea level. There are outdoor pools, spas and massage rooms, and hydrotherapy. The water temperature is about 33 °C. * Termas de Panimávida Hotel

"Quinamavida" springs are located at 69 km to the south of Talca, and 160 meters over the sea level. The water temperatures are about 25 °C, and it’s a renowned thermal center because of its successful curative treatments. Some of the therapeutic benefits of this water can be to relieve arthritis, rheumatism, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, cystitis, kidney disease, stomach and skin. Furthermore, it benefits the cardiac rhythm and cure the stress/nerve diseases. * Termas de Quinamavida Hotel

"Catillo" water springs are located at 26 km to the southeast of Talca, and 320m over the sea level. Its waters reach temperatures of 35 °C in the hotel pools. The season is from December to April. * Termas de Catillo Hotel


"Chillan" springs are located at 84 km from Chillán and 1.800m over the sea level. The waters are very hot (above 60 °C), which makes them favorable for aromatherapy programs, thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, massages and mud therapy. There is a first class hotel with 120 full equipped rooms, spa rooms and thermal pools, casino, bar, restaurants, and more. * Termas de Chillán Hotel.

In the region of Concepcion, you can enjoy other thermal centers as:

- Valle Hermoso water springs
- Nitrao water springs
- Avellano water springs

Some of the thermal rides mentioned above, do not have accommodation services, and others have a basic but economic hosting service (camping, cabins).


"Tolhuaca" hot springs are located at 30 km to the north of Curacautin, and 1.150m over the sea level. It is a special thermal area, because its waters flow up from geysers at very high temperatures over 90 °C, creating the "Fumarole”. The Fumarole is a kind of bathing in the natural caves between the mountains. The hotel has full equipped rooms, whirlpool rooms, outdoor pools, steam baths, and more. * Termas de Tolhuaca Hotel

"Malalcahuello" springs are characterized by their varied services in terms of comfort. You can ensure a relaxing stay in the water whirlpool beds, waterfalls, spa salons, jacuzzi, therapeutic massages, invigorating shower, bath herbs, applications of thermal mud and more. The hotel has an excellent cuisine and satisfies all the conditions for comfort and a pleasant holiday. * Termas de Malalcahuello Hotel

"Huife" water springs are located at 35 km to the north of Pucon. You can enjoy outdoor and indoor swimming pools, as well as relaxing whirlpool tubs, saunas and massage room, massage lymphatic, relaxation, reflexology and reiki therapy. There is a hotel to stay, with excellent apartments that includes thermal pools, international cuisine, meeting room, among others. * Hotel & Termas Huife

"Menetue" water springs are locater 30 km far from Pucón. There are a variety of swimming pools for all tastes, indoor and out outdoor as well. The hall for mud baths and massage room springs are a good complement for a pleasant stay. It is a good plan to escape from the city and relax with nature, staying in cabins near the lake, beautiful gardens and forests in the area.

In Temuco’s region there are other thermal resources as:

- Manzanar Water Springs                                - Quimey-Co Water Springs
- Palguin Water Springs                                     - San Luis Water Springs
- Recuerdos de Ancamil Water Springs              - Liucura Water Springs
- Los Pozones Water Springs                             - Trancura Water Springs
- San Sebastián de Río Blanco Water Springs   


"Coñaripe" springs are located at 58 km from Panguipulli and Villarrica. It has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, mud baths and whirlpool. You can stay in a hotel or well equipped cottages.

The "Geometrical" water springs are located inside of the Villarrica’s National Park, at the thirteen and a half km. It is distinguished by its 20 wells scattered in geometrical shapes, located in a ravine through the mountain. There are hot and cold thermal pools. It is a shocking clash with nature, releasing all the body energy and enjoying this unique and admirable landscape.

In Valdivia’s region there are other thermal resources as:

- Eco Pellaifa Water Springs            - Trafipan Water Springs
- Hipolito Muñoz Water Springs      - Carranco Water Springs
- Río Liquiñe Water Springs            - Punulaf Water Springs
- Manquecura Water Springs           - Vergara Water Springs
- Chihuio Water Springs                  - Llifén Water Springs
Puerto Montt:

"Peyehue" springs are inside the Puyehue National Park, 77 km to the east of Osorno. It has 3 swimming pools, hydro massage beds, swim against the current, sauna, mud baths and spa. Water temperatures exceed the 80 °C. It has a 5 star hotel with “all included” excellent services. An very good option to achieve a plenty relaxation.

The "Aguas Calientes" water springs are located at 82 km to the east of Osorno, and at an altitude of 440 m over the  sea level. You can enjoy outdoor and indoor swimming pools. The water temperature is between 35 °C and 38 °C. You can stay in cabins or camping, with picnic areas and a restaurant.

In the southern region of Puerto Montt there can be enjoyed other thermal centers as:
- Llancahue Water Springs
- Cahuelmo Water Springs
- Porcelana Water Springs
- Callao Water Springs
- El Amarillo Water Springs


"Puyuhuapi" water springs are located at 218 km to the north of Coyhaique. Its facilities includes spa services, pool, jacuzzi, steam bath and a thalassotherapy center. There is a luxury hotel to stay in this beautiful area of the Chilean Patagonia. * Hotel y spa Termas de Puyuhuapi

In the Coyhaique region there can be enjoyed other thermal centers, but without accommodation services, as:

- Quitralco Water Springs (Only for Skorpios Cruise passengers)
- Maca Termal Outcrops
- Ventisqueros Water Springs

It will be our pleasure to assist you in planning your holidays to any Water Springs in Chile, and contracting the best services available at the most competitive prices in our market.

For more information about hot Water Springs and Spa in Chile, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail the information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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