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Ten tips for a great trip to Santiago de Chile

Join our ten tips for a great trip to Santiago de Chile

Visit the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and learn more about the culture of the native peoples that lived in Latin America. On its different rooms you will learn about the lives, costumes and artifacts used by the Aztecs, Mayas, Incas andDiaguitas, as well as the ones that lived specifically in Chile: Selk'nam, Mapuche and Rapa Nui.
Climb up the Santa Lucia Hill (in Spanish: Cerro Santa Lucía), an oasis of peace and calmness in the center of Santiago de Chile, with several areas to sit and walk and a beautiful Neptune Fountain towards the bottom. On the top, the reward is the viewpoint from where you can see all of Santiago de Chile.
Take a day trip to Cerro San Cristobal (in English: San Cristobal Hill). If you are all about the heights and nice viewpoints, Santa Lucia may not be challenging enough for you. The San Cristobal Hill, located close to the Bella Vista neighborhood, is more of a day trip, a big park with several parks inside of it. You can visit the Japanese gardens, the children areas and take several different paths or walks. When you reach the top of the Hill, 800 meters above sea level (or 300m above Santiago de Chile) you will see a 22-meters statue of Virgin Mary, and enjoy a perfect view of Santiago de Chile. You can always take a funicular (cable vehicle) to climb up or down, but do it one way, to enjoy the walk up or down as well.
Try Mote con Huesillo. Pisco –and the famous Pisco Sour cocktail- is of course an all-time favorite of those who visit Santiago de Chile, but on the non-alcoholic side, Santiago also has lots to offer. Mote con Huesillo is a non-alcoholic drink, a Chilean summer favorite, but so rich that it fills you up like a whole meal. The sweet nectar is made of dried peaches, which are cooked with sugar – or honey-, water and cinnamon. Then fresh cooked husked wheat is added in the bottom. Extra tip: try it on the top of San Cristobal, you will need some energy and a refreshing drink after all that climbing. 
Go to the Central Market and try the local fish. Chile has a lot of great fish from its extensive Pacific Coast. Beware of the tourist trap this place can be and do not do it the first day, but compare with the local prices after you check them out eating elsewhere. Try Congrio fish, either grilled or on its variety that was Pablo Nerurda’s favorite: caldo de congrio (congrio soup).
Take a day trip to Concha y Toro, the famous winery that makes several first-class international wines, the most popular of each is the Casillerodel Diablo. Daily guided tours are advised to be booked in advance, and reaching this place by public transportation requires you to combine a metro to Pirque with a bus to the closest road to the winery. Ask the locals for advice!
Try Metro Line 1 at rush hour, you will get the typical New York City experience, Chilean version, of a busy metro in a busy time, while some still manage to read the newspaper with their face almost drowning on it. A one-time, must-do kind of thing.
Visit “La Chascona”. This was one of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s houses, and the only one in Santiago de Chile. Neruda originally acquired this house for his mistress, who he nicknamed “La Chascona” for the mess her hair usually was. The house is a museum nowadays, with guided visits in which you can learn about Neruda and his life.
Enjoy a night in Bella Vista. This is the neighborhood where people go out at night. Full of restaurants, discos, clubs, pubs and bars, it is the place to be in Santiago de Chile’s nightlife.
Stroll around Las Condes and Providencia. These more posh and residential neighborhoods are very pretty and suitable for enjoyable walks at all times of the day. These neighborhoods have some of the most luxury hotels in Santiago de Chile. Probably you could find better deals of hotels in Plaza de Armas or O' Higgins Park.  

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