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Viña del Mar

Join the relaxing beaches and the exotic gardens of the main coastal city of the country, Viña del Mar.

Viña del Mar beaches
The Flowers Clock - Viña del Mar
Mexico Square - Viña del Mar
Wulff Castle - Viña del Mar


Viña del Mar is the main coastal city of Chile. It is also known as the "Garden City" because of its green areas, parks, squares and gardens that beautify its urban zone.

Located 122 km far from Santiago and at 5 km from Valparaiso, Viña del Mar is a great tourist attraction because of its beautiful beaches and advanced tourist development that provides excellent food services and first class hotels.

Actually, it is habituated by more than 287.000 people and is the second city chosen by companies for their commercial presence, after Santiago. Its architecture contrasts the modern high buildings with traditional residential neighborhoods, all surrounded by beautiful landscapes of trees and flower gardens. The exclusive beaches with crystaline water of the Pacific Ocean, delight thousands of tourists every year, leading to tourism as the main engine of its economy. The most popular beaches are Reñaca (main district of the city) and Concon.

Viña del Mar has a temperate spring climate that is maintained all over the year. The rains are concentrated in the winter (May-August), and the rest of the year you can enjoy the relaxing and wonderful 13 beaches over the Pacific Ocean coast.

It has a modern transportation system that ensures a safe and rapid mobilization. Supported by the “Metropolitan Transportation Plan of Greater Valparaiso”, the main transport means are buses and subways, and connect all the cities in the region as Valparaiso, Quilpue, etc. Another very used mean is road transport because there is a highway network that connects Viña del Mar with the rest of the metropolis.

Tourist attractions:

National Botanical Garden: it is common to enjoy a walk through the forest with more than 3.000 species of plants.

Rioja’s Palace: it is a French neoclassical style construction, which was the residence of the Rioja’s family, and nowadays exhibits a fine furniture from European style of Baroque, Empire, Rococo and Chesterfield.

Wulff Castle: it was habited by the German businessman Gustavo Wulff in the late nineteenth century. The castle was built with stone pieces of the German-French court and then a tower and an English wing-type were added. Nowadays it exhibits interesting artistic samples of painting, photography, sculpture and plastic art in general.

International Film Festival: it is considered one of the most important film festivals in Chile and Latin America.

Other tourist attractions:

· Green Areas: La Campana National Park, Lago Pañuelas National Reserve, Quinta Vergara Parks
· Museums: Bellas Artes, Francisco Fonck, Cañones Navales
· Squares: José Francisco Vergara, México, Sucre, Colombia
· Castles: Ross, Brunet
· Events: International Film Festival, International Song Festival of Viña del Mar
· Palaces: Vergara, Rioja, Carrasco, Presidencial
· Casino Viña del Mar
· The Municipal Viña del Mar Theatre

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