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Fishing Chile

Join the intense sport fishing journeys in Chile, challenging your own expectations into a unique natural environment.

Sport fishing - Chile
Sport fishing - Chile
Sport fishing - Chile
Sport fishing - Chile

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Sport fishing is a nonprofit recreational activity in which people enjoy catching fishes in rivers and freshwater lakes, or in the sea from the shore or with boat. Sport fishing can be practiced with gears, rods, reel, harpoons, nets, among others.

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Chile is an excellent country for fishing, attracting thousands of tourists every year who arrive looking for some of the world's most exigent fishes along the coasts and patagonic areas. Chile has more than 4 thousand kilometers of beautiful beaches and an extensive fluvial system of lakes and rivers, offering a wide variety of fish species such as flounder, silversides, trout, croakers, salmon, among others.

The sport fishing is managed by the National Fishery Service in Chile, who regulates and controls the use of gears by setting out the fishing season, the quota of catches for the different species and the fishing areas.

There are four types of sport fishing: spinning, fly fishing, catch and release and trolling.

Spinning fishing consists in throwing a bait and picking it up quickly, trying to simulate a small fish movement. This type of fishing is usually practiced in the sea, either from the beach or quay.

Fly fishing uses a rod and artificial decoy called "fly". This type of fishing tries to attract fishes with a decoy that simulates insects drowned or dried, in a very natural and delicate way. Fly fishing is usually practiced with flexible rods in lakes and rivers, but can also be done at the sea.

Catch and release fishing tries to preserve the captured species, by returning the fishes to their natural environment, ensuring that the resource will survive over time.

Trolling fishing uses an artificial decoy or bait tied to a line which is dragged from a boat. Trolling fishing is practiced both at sea and lakes.

We recommend you to check out our different options for sport fishing throughout the country. The programs will be adequate to your needs, with the possibility to stay in comfortable countryside houses that achieve the peace and tranquility that you are looking for. You will receive information about the best fishing locations, days, hours, strategies, permits, equipment, and any other useful information you may require.

It will be our pleasure to assist you in planning your fishing trips, and contracting the best services available at the most competitive prices in our market.

For more information about sport fishing in Chile, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail the information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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