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Rafting Chile

Join the most turbulent rivers, through an extreme rafting adventure in Chile.

Rafting in Pucon
Rafting in Pucon
Rafting in Pucon
Trancura River

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Rafting is a popular English term, used to describe the sport activity that consists in navigating down turbulent rivers, with many people rowing over a raft. It is an extreme sport, because the "rapid" or also known as "whitewater" rivers (due to the color of the abundant foam) have strong streams that can break down or capsize the boat at any time.

The rivers can be categorized into VI levels, according to their flow, stream and navigability. The holes, eddies, slopes, depth, waterfalls, and other features are evaluated to determine the river category. From the level III, the rivers are considered fast, of whitewater or rough waters. Chile is globally recognized for its rough water rivers, ideals to practice this sport, with whitewater rivers ranging from Class III to Class VI.

The capacity of the raft goes from 4 to 8 people. It is necessary the presence of an experienced guide who knows the river, in order to drive the course of the boat. Everyone in the raft has a paddle to help to push and drive the boat, but different functions are fulfilled by position (front, middle or back) on the raft.

The highlights of Chilean rivers for rafting are:

• Trancura River Class III/IV

• Turbio River Class VI

• Maipo River Class III/IV a solo una hora de Santiago.

• Futaleufu River Class IV/V

• Fuy River Class IV/V

• San Pedro River Class III

• Bio Bio River Class III/IV

The groups must have a basic knowledge of navigation, communication and rescue for emergency cases. It is essential to be responsible with the use of helmet, lifevest, appropriate clothing, paddles and others.

Rafting requires discipline, effort and teamwork to achieve the thrill of navigating the unpredictable whitewater rivers, which tries to intimidate the brave people who enjoy this extreme sport.

It will be our pleasure to assist you in planning your rafting journeys in Chile, contracting the best services available at the most competitive prices in our market.

For more information about rafting services, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail the information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


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